Miraclesuit Miradonna Shanghai Bella Bandeau Bikini



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Shanghai might just be the best name that Miraclesuit could have picked for this range. The pattern here perfectly captures the character of the city from the dynamic and fiuturistic shapes of the skyscrapers and the shimmering colours on the horizon. Many fashion designers take inspiration from something other than clothing for fashion like cities. Thats because so much of the world of design translates from one medium to the next and those that are less well known like these rays of gold you see here are welcome and refreshing changes from the norm of swimwear design. So this design is original and take inspiration where other designers might not have looked for it but what about the bikini itself? The leg is adjustable at the side for the perfect fit whilst the top has removeable straps for a bandeau or regular shoulder strap look. The cups are underwired moulded and padded for lift and sculpting too so whilst a bikini cant have Miraclesuits sculpting control it can still offer some incredible boosts to your outfit.

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