Anita Care Florianopolis Florinia Mastectomy Swimsuit

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Like the other Anita Care items this year the beauty of this swimsuit is all thanks to one particularly useful and praiseworthy feature and that is contrast. The dark and plain navy blue of the swimsuit is contrasted with the dazzling rainbow of colour around the neck and centre. This draws the eye and makes you look taller because of its vertical elements. But whilst this design is made beautiful with its visual elements theres a lot more to it aswell. This is also the body shaping elements too like the hourglass enhancing middle section and the pocketed cups that allow you to put the perfect sized and shaped insert in. If you are a woman who is tired of mastectomy swimwear that doesnt embrace fashion then Anita Care is the brand thatll bring a dose of delightful design into your life.

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